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Donny van de Beek and the reason why he’s struggled so far

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Donny van de Beek has not had a good season by any accounts despite arriving from Ajax as one of their key players and it’s safe to say he naturally wouldn’t be all too happy with how it’s gone.

The young Dutchman is considered to be amongst the most exciting talents in Europe as he was part of the famous team he took the Champions League by storm in recent history.

It’s why United shelled out the money they did on Van de Beek and jumped on the opportunity to sign him early in the summer transfer window.

The rest of the club’s business was done on deadline day and one would be forgiven for having assumed at the time that it showed just how important the talented midfielder would be.

Instead, he’s struggled for minutes and many would argue there were opportunities for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to throw him into the team but they were not taken.

It’s clear to see the massive drop in action for Van de Beek and there’s no doubt that’s what’s also contributing to his lack of real form.

Any player would struggle to show their abilities with a lack of consistency and so many feel sorry for the 23-year-old.

Having said that, recent reports have emerged claiming Van de Beek knew before signing he would have to fight with Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes for first-team action and he was happy to take on the challenge, which is certainly encouraging to hear.

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