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Statistic sheds light on Harry Maguire’s impact on Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Harry Maguire is often one of the players most debated about in the club if not the league in regards to his ability and impact.

However, the statistics lean strongly in his favour and it perhaps provides an insight into why Ole Gunnar Solskjaer rates him so highly.

The legendary Norwegian spent roughly £80m on Maguire, making him the most expensive defensive signing for United and it could be argued that price tag has done more damage than good.

Naturally any points made for or against the talented Englishman are always tied to the amount spent on him and whether or not he’s justified it or fallen short of it.

The point made below offers a reminder of what life was like before Maguire came to Old Trafford and perhaps why he shouldn’t always be blamed for any of the team’s defensive woes.

This isn’t to say Maguire has no negatives or doesn’t deserve criticism but he’s certainly been criticised more than he’s been praised.

Perhaps he doesn’t reach the legendary levels of Rio Ferdinand or Nemanja Vidic but he’s a defender in his own right who has no say in what his price tag would be.

Maguire might not be a world-class defender but he has certainly helped improve the team from where it was and that deserves some credit, or at the very least, less criticism.

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