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Victor Lindelof shows off ball-playing ability vs Granada

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Victor Lindelof had a better match than perhaps given credit for in the clash against Granada.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s men managed to grab two important away goals in the Europa League and while some of the play was poor, the Swedish defender should be happyy with his own performance.

Lindelof is often seen as the weaker of the centre-back partnership with Harry Maguire and perhaps it’s time he’s given some due praise.

The former Benfica man has always had his fair share of doubters but he is equally responsible for the good defensive performances the team puts in.

United’s clean-sheet will have set them up well for the return leg at home and Lindelof managed to avoid a yellow card, meaning he’ll be available for selection, contrary to Maguire.

The assist for Marcus Rashford‘s opener was crucial as Manchester United were not playing well at the time and needed that moment of magic to help calm them down.

Granada never really threatened despite trying to do so and the onus was always on Solskjaer’s men to find a breakthrough.

With two away goals in their back pocket, United can now consider resting some players in the next leg as they should never be conceding twice themselves at home.

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