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Manchester United fans betrayed by club owners and Ed Woodward

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans have voiced their disgust with their club’s major role in the formation of the European Super League.

Supporters have long protested against the owners of their club the Glazer family and of course executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward.

It’s safe to say their concerns weren’t taken seriously but now the footballing world, in general, can all see why there were protests in the first place.

The Glazer family and Woodward are said to have been a driving force in the idea of an ESL and certainly helped make it come true.

Fans took matters into their own hands, however, to ensure the footballing world knows their views are different from the club’s owners.

Sir Alex Ferguson also stressed the importance of European football nights and sporting integrity though he did make it clear he had no say in the decisions that were made.

Manchester United fans weren’t the only fans who went to their respective stadiums to protest so it was a positive to see everyone united in that regard.

Woodward betraying supporters by not keeping them in the loop is no real surprise, particularly as he couldn’t afford to let anyone find out about his and his friends’ sinister plans.

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