Gary Neville blasts Ed Woodward and Glazer family in remarkable speech

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has insisted the Glazer family have no place in Manchester anymore after the announcement of Ed Woodward’s resignation.

The news comes in the aftermath of the failed attempt at the creation of the European Super League as fans strongly condemned the club’s actions.

Supporters let their feelings be known both on social media and in person, as they flocked to Old Trafford in protest.

Woodward and the Glazers were said to have played a key part in the plans for a European Super League and it left fans absolutely disgusted by their actions.

Neville chose this occasion to be the first time he truly speaks out against both parties and supporters were thoroughly pleased with him.

As Neville points out, fans can’t get too comfortable and must follow through until the end, ensuring not just Woodward leaves but the Glazer family as well.

The problems with their ownership have been long documented and now is the perfect time to capitalise on any potential change.

After all, when else will there be a time when the whole fanbase is united and even have the support of the general footballing world to force a change in ownership?

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