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Man United excluded from Premier League meeting today to decide future

by Red Billy

The 14 Premier League clubs who are not part of the breakaway European Super League are holding an emergency meeting today to plan a course of action in response to the move.

The Premier League has called the meeting, to which the big six are not invited, and it will take place at 11am by conference call. The meeting will be chaired by the Premier League’s chief executive, Richard Masters.

It is expected that a statement will be released at the end of the meeting which could have ‘significant ramifications over the future of the Premier League’, says The Telegraph, and, of course, the future of Manchester United, one of the so-called ‘Dirty Dozen’ teams forming the new league.

Meanwhile, the Labour party have written to the Competition and Market Authority (CMA), the same outlet reports, calling for an investigation into whether the ESL is in violation of fairness laws.

This is in keeping with Sir Keir Starmer’s comments this morning, which can be read here.

‘Labour’s Shadow Minister for Sport, Alison McGovern MP, said that the proposal from six Premier League clubs would not offer fair competition and would have an “enormous” impact on fans,’ The Telegraph notes.

‘”Proposals for a breakaway league are nothing short of an attempt to stitch up competition for a few elite clubs at the top. That’s why Labour has today asked the CMA to investigate them,”’ the minister said.

“This must now be a watershed moment. We cannot simply go back to the status quo in which smaller clubs struggle to stay afloat and fans are excluded from decisions.

The CMA have responded by saying they ‘will be carefully considering any competition concerns relating to these proposals.’.

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