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Mino Raiola proposes Paul Pogba – Eden Hazard player exchange

by Red Billy

Mino Raiola has suggested the ball is in Manchester United’s court in terms of Paul Pogba staying at the club and hinted that the player would like to stay.

However, speaking in an interview with Spanish outlet AS, the agent admitted that he doesn’t know if a move to Real Madrid is still possible for the Frenchman but proposed an outrageous swap deal as a way forward.

‘For Pogba, Madrid always had a great attraction … Zidane is his idol,’ the former pizza chef said.

‘The important thing now is to know what United want, what project United are proposing to Pogba.

‘Pogba is interested in one thing, winning the Champions League and winning titles, and we are going to see where this is possible, whether at United or at other clubs.

‘At one time Pogba felt a lot of love and trust from United, and there were several other clubs… But then, it is very difficult for United and Madrid to come to an agreement over a big transfer, because strong clubs do not want to sell strong players to other strong clubs.

‘And I’m not going to fool him, for Pogba playing for Madrid was always a very attractive thing for Zidane too. He is his young idol.’

When asked if he thought a move to Real was still possible for the Frenchman, even the bumptious Raiola sounded less than optimistic.

‘I don’t know. I believe nothing is impossible, but football depends on the day. And you have to be flexible and consider all possibilities. Suppose tomorrow Madrid want to make a Hazard-Pogba exchange? It is just an example. And if all four parties liked it, why not?’

It seems that Raiola is clutching at straws to make such a suggestion and despite Eden Hazard’s world class talent, it seems highly unlikely that United would be interested in such a move. The subtext to the interview seems clear, especially given that Juventus are not even mentioned: the most likely scenario at the moment is that Paul Pogba will sign a new contract at Manchester United.

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