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Twitter thread shows how Glazers have ruined Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Some Manchester United fans have been condemned by certain sections of the media for their protests at Old Trafford on Sunday but a brilliant thread has been written up showing just why there’s a big outrage towards the Glazer family.

Supporters are outrage at the minute and it doesn’t look as though it will die down as they are determined to see a change in ownership.

The majority of fans want to see the club opened up for sale to fans in order for them to have a majority of shares in the club, referencing Germany’s 50+1 ownership model.

Some supporters want to see the club bought outright by someone else who would actually care for the club and not saddle it with massive debt.

The financial world of football is thoroughly complicated and so Swiss Ramble on Twitter wrote a long thread explaining it all in layman’s terms and the Peoples Person have selected the most damning Tweets of the thread.

The full thread can be seen here: https://twitter.com/SwissRamble/status/1389458677061591042?s=20

The finances involved almost shows there’s no point of the Glazer family holding onto the club so strongly when their weaknesses are being exposed and their strengths are declining in power.

The problem for the Glazers is whether they’re concerned they won’t be able to sell for the price they want or that they feel they haven’t finished milking their cash cow.

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