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Fans react to report that Man United to bid £90 million for Harry Kane

by Joe Taylor

Recent reports from The Sun claim Manchester United are getting ready to bid £90 million for Harry Kane, if the player pushes for a transfer. It is believed to be an attempt by the owners, the Glazer family, to appease the fans after the recent protests regarding their ownership of the Old Trafford club.

The England captain has enjoyed a prolific campaign this season netting 31 goals in all club competitions while assisting 13 goals in the Premier League. There is no doubt that Kane will add to the current goalscoring threat at United.

Not all fans will take this report seriously because of the recent reports that Edinson Cavani will be staying on for another two years after recently agreeing on a new deal.

It is safe to say that all supporters have been upset and annoyed at the recent events regarding the short-lived European Super League. United fans have shown a strong voice in getting the 50+1 supporters model adopted in football.

The Glazer family could be about to splash the clash on a major transfer to help settle recent events but just how are fans of the Red Devils responding to the news?

One fan has mentioned the fact the Tottenham chairman will be reluctant to sell to another Premier League side:

“Would love to see it happen but I don’t think Daniel Levy will sell to us for any money, I think it is The Sun being The Sun, would love it if I was wrong though.”

Multiple fans have included Kane’s recent injury problems as a reason to not sign him.

“Great striker. Great finisher. Leader and team player. But too injury prone. Haaland every day for me”

“Good player. But injury prone. Don’t need him. We need a right-winger and Sancho is a good option.”

“That money would be better served towards buying Halaand as Kane is too old and injury-prone.”

Another fan brought up our right side problems as a top priority instead:

“Fantastic striker but Jadon Sancho is a must. We attack less from the right side that is why we create fewer chances for our strikers.”

Finally, fans have brought up how ridiculously low the asking price currently is.

“For 90million Spurs won’t accept it. They will value him at double that rightly or wrongly. He’s under contract until 2024 and so there’s no way to bully Levy into a deal. He’d be a great addition to United but at that fee, not a chance.”

“A nothing story. For starters, Spurs would want £100m+ for Kane (let’s not forget he’s injury-prone) and secondly they would not sell him to United or any other English club for that matter. I honestly believe he will remain with the North London club no matter who they bring in as manager.”

It does not seem as if Kane is a signing that United fans would necessarily want the board to prioritise but with the delayed European Championships coming up, it is possible that an approach could be made sooner rather than later if The Sun are to be believed.

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