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Glazers more involved in Manchester United than anticipated

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans’ worst fears surrounding the ownership of their club by the Glazer family and how they run it has more or less been confirmed.

Supporters were constantly being told the Glazers are just in the background and don’t necessarily deal with things, instead using their cherry-picked executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward to do their bidding.

The Glazers were also praised for their ability to turn United into a commercial powerhouse, giving them financial strength few clubs could match.

The so-called positives alienated the club’s fans as neutrals or others in the footballing world struggled to understand what their concerns were about.

However, the failed European Super League has exposed the Glazer family and almost in particular Joel Glazer.

The above proves the Glazers were always involved in the club from day one and are solely responsible for the downfall in several factors.

Other clubs’ owners shell out from their own money to help take care of the facilities or secure signings but instead, Joel is insisting United can’t even fully spend their own money, perhaps so he and his family can continue to take their dividends.

Not signing players or winning trophies is the least of fans’ concerns, the bigger issue is how debt-ridden the club is and how much money the Glazers have sucked out of the club.

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