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Video: Glazers refuse to speak to Manchester United fans

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans have even more reason to be angered after the Glazers were caught on camera continuing their silence and refusing to speak to them.

Avram Glazer, in particular, was hounded by a Sky News correspondent and chose to not say a single word, driving off in silence instead.

United supporters have been making their voices heard but are yet to hear anything from the club’s controversial owners despite all the events of the past few weeks.

Their decision to attempt to form a breakaway league that was a closed shop in the European Super League did not go down well with fans.

Supporters didn’t want to settle for the resignment of just executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward and instead want the Glazer family gone.

Fans had most recently taken to Old Trafford in a successful bid to postpone the Red Devils’ fixture vs Liverpool and it’s believed they plan to continue to do so until the Glazers are forced to sell.

There have been questions over who can even afford to buy the club and what type of owner supporters even want.

In truth, if fans are successful in getting rid of the Glazers, whoever the new owner is would know to tread carefully.

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