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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer angry with Gary Neville over Man United protests

by Shane Healy

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has never been the type to create controversy. This is perhaps mirrored in his man management, which one of this season’s stand-out performers, Luke Shaw, said was ‘second to none’ in a recent interview, and which has contrasted with previous manager, Jose Mourinho’s approach.

Leaving him to face all the media questioning over the weekend’s protests in yesterday’s Europa League semi-final press-conference was another example of poor leadership by United’s owners, the Glazers. The United manager stated that he was in a ‘difficult position’ facing the questions.

Sky News reporter, Sally Lockwood, confronted co-owner, Avram Glazer, in Palm Beach, Florida at the start of the week about the failed ESL plans and fan protests but was ignored.

Solskjaer was left to face the music on the owners’ behalf and in so doing aimed a veiled criticism at Gary Neville, while praising the peaceful protesters.

In reference to the non-peaceful elements of the protests, the United boss said, ‘When it becomes a police matter that’s not nice and it has not been helped by certain individuals …I have to say that’s another part of it, that’s your (the media’s) end of it.’

According to Manchester Evening News, Solskjaer had also expressed concern internally at Neville’s passionate encouragement of the protest’s message on Sky Sports.

The Norwegian did however underline that the United owners needed to communicate better with supporters.

It was possibly a deflection of blame by Solskjaer, feeling it easier to criticise his former teammate than his American employers, but reading between the lines, that blame still should largely fall on the Glazers, whose disconnect has been more prevalent than ever in recent weeks.

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