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Joel Glazer’s letter shows more of the same for Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans may have finally gotten the communication they wanted from the Glazer family but there are reasons to doubt the sincerity or effectiveness of the letter received.

Joel Glazer responded to a letter from MUST demanding certain changes or points be addressed and it’s safe to say it was a rather political response.

The co-chairman attempted to calm the fires down without truly promising anything or making any tangible changes.

Chelsea fans must still be furious with their club but they at least have been promised spots in the boardroom to avoid problems recurring in the future.

While the Blues still have to make it up to their supporters it shows a tangible way of making a promise and delivering it.

The Athletic have written a brilliant piece analysing Joel’s letter and it isn’t as promising as it should be, especially given how Manchester United’s fans feel the strongest in the country and turned up in large numbers.

The big six’s owners may have all upset their fans but United are the only ones who have a painful history with theirs that goes beyond the attempted formation of the European Super League.

Supporters also show no plans of slowing down either, making it all the more important their concerns are truly addressed quickly rather than just being told they’re heard.

Just ‘starting the dialogue’ is not enough and is 16 years too late as well so Joel and the Glazers’ response is understandably being criticised by fans.

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