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Glazers’ dismissive approach to Old Trafford comes back to haunt them

by Marwan Harraz

With Manchester United securing back-to-back Champions League qualifications since Sir Alex Ferguson‘s retirement, it looks like their woes have moved from on the pitch to off it.

Protests against the Glazer family have been well-documented and show no signs of slowing down as the season comes to a close.

Scenes of Old Trafford being taken over by supporters will forever be etched in history and the owners’ responses so far have not been good enough.

Fans are unlikely to settle for anything Joel Glazer has to say unless it’s to do with selling the club entirely or at least selling the majority of share to fans so voting power is in their favour.

Problems off the pitch have always been around but Old Trafford being in the spotlight of late has show just how much the Theatre of Dreams might be an illusion.

According to the Daily Mail and reported by Swiss Ramble, the Red Devils’ spending on their stadium has been dwarfed by Liverpool and Manchester City who have spent more than double and triple the amount respectively.

This has led to problems such as a leaky roof and rodent infestation that haven’t been addressed properly for many years, leaving match-going fans to unanimously agree Old Trafford is out of date.

Given how images of the stadium being barricaded to stop fans from potentially protesting in the future have emerged, it’s an especially poor look from the club.

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