Major Manchester United shareholder shaking over reputation damage

by Marwan Harraz


Manchester United fans will be delighted to hear that a major shareholder has voiced his concerns over the Glazer family and their handling of the European Super League catastrophe.

Supporters have been protesting strongly against the club’s ownership, though it’s not the first time they’ve done that but it is the strongest in recent memory.

Fans managed to get United’s match with Liverpool postponed in news that was trending around the world and it certainly had the impact they wanted it to.

However, supporters are determined this time around to ensure their protests lead to real results, with the Glazers either leaving or selling the majority of their shares to allow fans more power.

Numerous clubs, such as Chelsea, have promised to include chosen fans to be involved in boardroom meetings from now on to ensure similar issues don’t reoccur.

According to The Times, Nick Train said: “The announcement of the breakaway European Super League in April came as a surprise to us.

“In response, we requested and have now had meetings with all three clubs [including Celtic, even though they were not a member of the ESL].

“At these meetings we expressed our disappointment about the reputational damage Juventus and Manchester United have inflicted on themselves.

“We asked for clarity about their position regarding the ESL going forward. We urged them to return to respectful negotiations with all members of the football community to work toward mutually beneficial ends.

“We continue to monitor events closely as they unfold, while considering their implications for our investment case.”

Train is the leading shareholder outside of the Glazer family as his company Lindsell Train UK equity fund owns 27% of class A-shares which essentially adds to 7% of the club.

Unfortunately although he has a decent share of the club, the type of share he has doesn’t have as much voting power as the ones the Glazer family has.

Manchester United’s owners have a long way to go to win the trust of the supporters and in truth, it doesn’t seem like they ever will be able to.

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