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Manchester United fans find new way to target Glazers

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans have found a brilliant new way to target the club’s owners the Glazer family in a bid to remove them from their position of authority.

The Glazers Out movement has been well-documented already and although recent protests at the clash between the club and Liverpool were foiled, supporters have a new plan that possibly can’t be stopped.

Fans have made it a point to hit their owners where it hurts most and that means taking aim at their pockets.

United’s biggest pockets are their sponsors and supporters are aware that if they can take down the sponsors, they can take down the Glazers.

Fans have now taken to the digital world in their latest attempt to change the club’s ownership and this time, it may truly go the distance.

According to Media Works, CEO and founder Brett Jacobson said: “When looking at the digital evidence, it’s very easy to see how this could very quickly start costing Manchester United’s sponsors a lot of money. This could easily run into sums comfortably into the millions.

“We’ve already seen one major sponsor pull back from a new deal this week and this move by the fans to light the match on some digital dynamite as a means to remove the Glazer family as owners of the club has every possibility of having the desired effect.

“There could be some very awkward boardroom conversations between United and their sponsors if this plays out as the fans hope.”

The plan is to essentially click on Google ads of one of Manchester United’s listed sponsors, in effect costing those sponsors money and negative publicity too.

When fans go on the respective sponsors’ websites, such as Addidas, and then add products to the basket before leaving, this could eventually rack up quite a bill.

If all supporters come together to do this collectively, across numerous sponsors and over a period of time, this may force the club’s sponsors to either leave or have a conversation with the Glazers about leaving.

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