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Fans react to news that Man United have made enquiries about Danny Ings

by Red Billy

On the same day that Harry Kane shed a tear amid a potential goodbye from Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United were linked with another Premier League striker entirely.

The Kane-to-leave-Spurs story has dominated the football headlines for the last few days and United were reportedly one of the teams chasing his signature.

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer seemed to hint that United were interested this week, saying ‘I’m not saying that if Edi [Cavani] stays that means someone else in a forward position won’t come in.’

With Solskjaer’s protégé Erling Haaland also reportedly on United’s radar, it therefore came as a bit of a surprise yesterday to hear that the club has been making enquiries in a very different direction.

As reported here, The Telegraph’s usually reliable Mike McGrath claims that ‘Manchester United are looking at Southampton striker Danny Ings as a target.

‘United have made enquiries about Ings’ situation at St Mary’s, where he has one year left on his contract and there has been no agreement following talks over an extension,’ McGrath commented.

It is not, of course, a bad idea to add an established Premier League goalscorer such as the 28-year-old to the squad, especially if he can be acquired at a reduced price due to his contract situation.

However, having retained Cavani’s services for another year, what it does seem to indicate is that United have either little intention of bidding for Kane or Haaland or little confidence of capturing their signatures.

It is unthinkable that the club would attempt to rotate three strikers of that calibre, especially with the emergence of Mason Greenwood as a prolific young goalscorer.

Perhaps United are simply lining up Ings as a fall-back option in case a bid for Kane or Haaland fails, so that they are not left in a situation like January 2020 when they were scrambling around on the 11th hour of deadline day trying to sign the likes of Josh King and Odion Ighalo.

Whatever the case, it is not going down well with United fans on social media, who with all due respect to the Southampton man do not see him as the calibre of player needed to close the gap on Manchester City and launch a serious challenge in the Champions League next season.

‘If @Manutd actually go for Ings I think our fan base might have a meltdown,’ one fan commented.

‘Imagine the scenes when @Manutd unveil Ings,’ said another.

‘I hope the Ings story is a pi$$ take,’ said a third.

It is fair to say it is not a transfer story that is sending United fans into raptures.

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