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Manchester United fans delivered good news about Glazers

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans and football fans, in general, may be pleased to hear they could be potentially one step closer to a fairer game.

United supporters in particular will be happy to find out that perhaps the Glazer family will have to reconsider their ownership and potentially ownership model too.

Fans have always had an issue with the club’s owners, from before the moment it even became official.

However, with the recent collapse in the attempt to start a European Super League, the Glazers came into the spotlight the most in recent history.

Calls for the ESL to be disbanded grew into calls for the Glazers to leave the club and protests haven’t stopped since.

According to The Athletic, the government has announced a nine-person panel in order to kickstart the fan-led review of football.

The review will include topics such as finances, ownership, and how to give fans a bigger voice in football.

This nine-person panel includes people from various backgrounds, such as Football Supporters’ Association’s chief executive Kevin Miles to FA Women’s chair Dawn Airey.

In addition to looking into changes that might be needed for the aforementioned topics, the panel will look into the idea of an independent football regulator, which was an idea many media personalities like Gary Neville and Rio Ferdinand petitioned for.

Whether this will all deliver the results fans want to see remains to be seen but at least for now, it appears to be a step in the right direction.

Perhaps even the threat of the club ownership model changing will be enough to convince the Glazers to leave, which is what the fans want.

If they do leave, any new incoming owner will know not to go against the supporters as they will be watching them intensely.

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