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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looking to address Manchester United’s weaknesses

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United expert Andy Mitten has revealed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s transfer targets and the positions he’s looking to invest in this summer.

The legendary Norwegian is under major attack after the club’s Europa League loss to Villareal last night and perhaps some signings would help improve the mood.

There’s no doubt Solskjaer knows there’s a need for new faces and he’s said as much, making it a point to tell the public he needs two or three starting XI players.

It was clear the former striker was determined to make it transparent that it was starting XI players he wanted and not just depth.

It’s definitely music to fans’ ears but what Solskjaer wants and what he will get are two vastly different things due to the Glazers’ ownership.

The names Mitten has mentioned are exactly the ones fans want at Old Trafford but the club delivering those signings is a different issue entirely.

It’s hugely unlikely the Glazers will fund Solskjaer’s signings and so, once again, he will probably end up with his third or fourth choice instead of his first.

Perhaps the only first choice he may get is Jadon Sancho and even that is a massively complicated transfer despite all parties being on board for it to happen.

Unfortunately that is the reality of Manchester United these days and it would be an exceptional summer if all those names Mitten mentioned are signed.

Nonetheless, even if those signings aren’t completed, at least Solskjaer can see the weaknesses in the squad and is seeking to address them.

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