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Gabino Martinez’s comments on David de Gea draw mixed response from Man United fans

by Red Billy

Manchester United fans are split in regard to comments made by David de Gea’s former coach Gabino Martinez.

The Spanish trainer said recently that ‘Ole’s team is softer than a muffin and David is suffering the consequences of the defensive frailties…There is just an uncontrolled mess between midfield and defence with gaps.’

He also added that ‘The two centre-backs are too slow, they are not commanding and other teams are well aware of it…The big problem is Solskjaer’s tactical organisation.’

United fans on The Peoples Person Facebook page were asked what they thought of the comments. Many agreed with Martinez.

‘I tend to agree with him in that especially in the Uefa final, our strongest team has always been Fred and McTominay in the middle because they shield the defence and allow Shaw to attack knowing his back is protected.’

‘I agree with this 100%. We the fans can all see this but the men that matter, Ole and the muppets on the board, continue to play with the same old crap players.’

‘Team has no solid spine. Desperate for a CDM and CB.’

‘I agree 200 percent. David is a good goalkeeper. He has been a good goalkeeper until Ole came in.’

‘Not far wrong. De Gea has been left exposed because of our midfield frailties and centre backs being useless at times, the guy singlehandedly kept us in the Prem a few seasons ago.’

However, many fans, while agreeing with some of the criticism of the manager and defence, still feel that De Gea must take a lot of the responsibility.

‘Well he’s right in that our team is soft especially in defence and in the DM area … However, and perhaps unsurprisingly considering he’s DDG’s former coach, he fails to pick out what David has done wrong. There have been numerous times he’s been weak in claiming the ball or not getting to a shot that four years ago he would’ve.’

‘Some of the goals he let in, especially early season were mistakes made by himself. Saves he himself has made time and time again . But in the last few seasons he has had bouts of being moody along with speculation of moves to other clubs.’

‘There’s also an uncontrolled mess between the defence and GK that de Gea should be filling himself, but he’s scared of his own shadow.’

‘I agree with the statement wholeheartedly, Ole’s tactical organisation is poor, however, DDG doesn’t cover himself in glory when he is required. He doesn’t command his box and his distribution is poor. Time to thank him for everything and move him on.’

‘I think they lack good communication. The defenders look more solid when they have Henderson in goal, He is a great talker. DDG is the best shot stopper in the world but he is not part of the defensive unit.’

‘But the problem with De Gea is not commanding the back four, he is not vocal and also cannot sense danger by anticipating his moves in the box. You know a good goalkeeper can improve the defenders by having a good communication skills irrespective of center-backs frailities or weaknesses.’

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