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Manchester United to make £11m upgrade to training and dressing room facilities

by Joe Taylor

Manchester United are to make significant upgrades to Old Trafford and the training grounds of both the men’s and women team this summer according to the Daily Mail.

United are set to install new floodlights at both Old Trafford and Carrington as part of a planned summer work schedule that will cost £11 million.

As announced in the fans’ forum meeting that took place last Friday, the Glazer family are set to make a whole host of changes to Old Trafford and the club’s training grounds.

One of the many promises Joel Glazer made during that rare appearance was that investment would be made into facilities.

One change will be new pitches for both the men and women’s teams at their respective training grounds.

This will come as good news for fans of Manchester United women, because of recent reports that ex-manager Casey Stoney resigned due to the lack of high-quality facilities for her team.

And according to The Mail, the home and away dressing rooms are in serious need of an upgrade which will be renovated with COVID-secure digital access and ticketing systems.

This comes after a very difficult time for the Glazers, who have been subject to heavy criticism after the recent European Super League mess which led to multiple protests outside Old Trafford.

During those protests, parts of the ground were also heavily damaged.

Reports have shown Old Trafford’s roof has been leaking in some areas for quite some time, but The Mail’s article does not mention any investment in that area.

The news raises hope that the Glazers are finally listening to what the fans have been saying for many years when it comes to investment in the ground, although it remains to be seem whether this £11 million is in addition to the usual annual amount invested in property maintenance or whether it is simply just this year’s budget.

The last three years’ expenditure on property were £13.7m, £13.2m and £20.6 million.

Even if it is an extra amount, many fans will still be angry that it has taken the family so long to listen and whether it goes far enough after years of neglect remains to be seen.

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