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Barcelona president takes aim at Manchester United over European Super League

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United have been blamed for the formation of the European Super League by Barcelona president Joan Laporta.

The notorious competition that didn’t come to be, upset fans worldwide who were convinced it would do nothing but harm competitive football.

The ESL seemed to suggest a select few clubs would be given immunity and guaranteed large sums of money and althought United supporters would have benefitted from that, they protested against it.

In fact, those protests inspired fans to try and get rid of the Glazers altogether, sparking many movements such as Not A Penny More.

Vice-executive chairman Ed Woodward has already, more or less, been forced into resigning towards the end of the year.

According to Manchester Evening News, Laporta said: “Liverpool and United were the real founders of the Super League.

“Uefa threatened and was demagogic. The clubs have still not paid the compensation for leaving.

“The Super League project is alive. It will be the most attractive competition in the world, and it will be based on meritocracy and solidarity.”

The Peoples Person last covered how the ESL and Manchester United were involved in a political battle of sorts as the government got involved in the chaos.

Laporta isn’t the only one to blame those at Old Trafford and Liverpool as the founding fathers and probably won’t be the last.

The two English clubs’ owners are American and it was the American format to the Super League that upset many fans too.

Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus are the remaining clubs in the ESL and Laporta has actually insisted it will still continue regardless of the fallout.

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