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Jadon Sancho: Manchester United finally agree transfer fee

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United have reportedly agreed on a transfer fee for Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho, as they take a huge step towards completing the deal.

The sensational Englishman has been linked with a big move for more than a year now and fans have been teased all summer longer.

The transfer saga has gone on far longer than anyone would have liked but it looks like it’s coming to an end.

United have haggled for weeks now and it looked as though they were risking the transfer going south again as they did last summer.

However, both European giants have finally seen eye to eye on the final fee, though there are some details still in need of ironing out.

It would be unimaginable for a deal to fall apart now when it’s just the minor details that need to be agreed on.

The main figure involved is what matters and Dortmund are understood to be desperate for cash too so it’d be silly to cancel the transfer on the smaller figures.

There’s no doubt now that this saga has progressed further and faster than it did last summer but there’s no doubt fans would have loved if it was wrapped up sooner.

Most supporters can accept that since this is a big deal and a complicated one due to the ongoing Euros, that this was always going to be difficult to complete.

However, it could be argued that United should be making moves on other transfers too as they still seem to be operating on getting one signing done at a time.

Nonetheless, Sancho is closer than ever before to wearing red and the deal probably won’t be officially announced until after England’s Euros campaign is over.

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