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Glazers: Doubts rise over fan ownership as campaigners argue

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans who want the Glazers to leave have been left a little confused as to what to do after campaigners or organisers like MUST, Sign For United, and Not A Penny More debate over the best course of action.

Supporters have long wanted the club’s owners to depart, arguably even before their arrival was even made official.

The latest obsession amongst some fans is to ensure they own a controlling amount of shares to ensure the Glazers can’t do anything they wouldn’t like at United.

Fan share ownership is one potential route to protect Old Trafford but there are perhaps far more details than most understand.

Sign For United, which is powered by MUST, has tried to explain everything in a Twitter thread:

However, Not A Penny More’s response was rather interesting, to say the least:

Both threads deserve to be read and thought about as they present their schools of thought in regards to what would work best.

Fans want to be empowered while also either getting rid of the Glazers or at least reducing their power to a level considered acceptable.

The Peoples Person previously covered an exclusive interview with a Not A Penny More organiser and it’s safe to say their message was clear.

The idea of having a collective voice is certainly the correct school of thought but it’s easier said than done, particularly when not everyone trusts MUST and their intentions or purity have been questioned of late.

Not A Penny More may seem the more straightforward way of challenging the Glazers but their momentum has slowed down and not everyone believes in their cause either.

However, ultimately all fans share the same desired outcome- to have a well-run club that prioritises its football and fans over putting more money into owners’ pockets when they evidently don’t care about the club.

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