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Marcus Rashford thanks the people who attended his mural vigil

by Joe Taylor

Manchester United winger and England international Marcus Rashford was one of three players to receive racist abuse after the European Championship loss vs. Italy.

As reported by The Peoples Person a couple of days ago, vandals damaged Rashford’s mural in Withington straight after his penalty miss in the Euros final.

As well as Rashford, the other two players who were subject to racial abuse were Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho.

Swear words along with ‘Saka’ were painted across the mural which police are now treating as a hate crime.

The Mirror stated that the police confirmed that they’re investigating this further however, no arrests have been made as of today.

Police in London are also probing the social media abuse that happened in the aftermath of the final.

The article from the Mirror further shows that demonstrators quickly responded to the abusive vandalism of Rashford’s mural in South Manchester.

The people who visited the mural after the defacement responded by placing messages of love and appreciation over the damage.

Rashford, who has been a key part of children being fed across the country throughout the pandemic, went onto Twitter to tweet his gratitude at the amount of support and number of people seen around the mural throughout the past couple of days.

He said in a tweet, “Overwhelmed. Thankful. Lost for words”

Some of the photos Rashford pictured in his tweet thanked him for lifting the nation’s spirits as well as being a hero for children across the United Kingdom.

Another message reads “Our 3 cubs will turn into 3 roaring lions”.

According to the Mirror, crowds took the knee at the rally located at the mural to show solidarity while holding ‘Black Lives Matter’ placards.

Anti-racism campaigners held the rally after the mass amount of racist abuse since the final.

Rashford also shared on Instagram a letter he had received from a child.

“I hope you won’t be sad for too long because you are such a good person.”, the child said.

“Last year you inspired me to help people less fortunate. Then last night you inspired me again, to always be brave.

“I’m proud of you. You will always be a hero.”

The post also included another letter that was written directly to Rashford who himself attached a little message into the post explaining the days after the final and how he’d felt.

Fans will certainly show their love towards the player who has helped charities in the UK as well as help individual people get through this pandemic when competitive football resumes and hopefully, with a stadium full of fans.

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