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Glazers take another £8 million dividend out of Man United

by Red Billy

Manchester United’s controlling shareholders, the Glazer family, quietly slipped themselves another dividend payment yesterday as fans remain distracted by the summer purchases of Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane.

The American Stock Exchange NASDAQ announced the dividend payment yesterday, saying:

‘A cash dividend payment of $0.09 per share is scheduled to be paid on July 30, 2021.

‘Shareholders who purchased MANU prior to the ex-dividend date are eligible for the cash dividend payment.

‘This marks the 10th quarter that MANU has paid the same dividend. At the current stock price of $14.94, the dividend yield is 2.41%.’

According to The Athletic’s Laurie Whitwell, in cash terms this amounts to another £8 million or so that the American family are taking out of the club.

In his column this morning, Whitwell is musing as to whether the euphoria of the Sancho and Varane deals will have diffused the tension between United’s fans and the club’s owners.

‘For many, particularly those in the stands, good transfers in one window will not atone for the Super League plot that threatened to change the essence of the game; a coup that brought apologies only because it failed,’ Whitwell says.

‘Latent animosity towards the Glazer’s leveraged takeover and its £1.5 billion cost to United is always bubbling close to the surface too.’

Whitwell spoke to 50-year United fan Tony Park about the lack of anti-Glazer sentiment during the recent pre-season friendly against Brentford.

‘It will be a different atmosphere at Leeds when there will be hostility in the air anyway,’ Park said.

‘That could tip over to focus on the owners.

‘Those signings are the minimum. It is like when you own a house, you need to spend a certain amount to maintain its upkeep. For United, upkeep means challenging for trophies.

‘Investment in the team is a basic commitment for custodians of the club.’

Another lifelong season ticket holder, Joanne Marshall, agreed.

‘Throughout the season you will hear discontent because we need to say that in general we are not happy with the way football is going.

‘The owners say they want to be this big club. Well if that’s the case, put in as much as you take out.’

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