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Manchester United fans will not see controversial offside decisions next season

by Joe Taylor

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is changing once again in a bid to restore clarity over controversial penalties and offside decisions.

Back in June, The Peoples Person reported that there would be changes to VAR heading into the new season and those changes have become clear.

The system was introduced two seasons ago and has undergone countless changes to the way it operates with many still upset and annoyed over some of the controversial decisions seen.

According to the Express, huge changes will be happening to try and cut the penalty mistakes in the new season.

Strikers will no longer be able to win penalties by tripping over trailing legs, which to many fans across the country was seen as an unfair decision.

As well as this, narrow offsides including ‘toenail offsides’ and ‘armpit offsides’ will not be given as VAR will be ditching the pixel-perfect cross lines which were used at the European Championships.

Mike Riley, who currently serves as the general manager of the Professional Game Match Officials Limited is currently going on tour across the Premier League clubs speaking about the new rules that have come into place.

According to the official Man United websitee, Riley spoke to the media, clearing up the controversial mistakes last season.

He said: “Fundamentally, we want the approach to be one that best allows the players to go out and express themselves, allows the Premier League games to flow and means the refereeing team, both as referee and as VAR, don’t intervene for the trivial offences.

“Let’s create a free-flowing game, where the threshold is slightly higher than it was last season.

“On marginal offside, we’ve now effectively re-introduced the benefit of the doubt to the attacking player.

“Where we have a really close offside decision, we carry on following the same process that we did last season with the one-pixel lines; we’ll then put on the thicker broadcast lines and, where they overlap, those situations will now be deemed as onside.”

Now it has been confirmed, fans will be hoping that the referees will cut the controversially disallowed goals out of the game and be hopeful that football will be heading into a future that is more free-flowing like it was pre-VAR.

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