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Bruno Fernandes: Manchester United star has mind boggling statistics

by Marwan Harraz
Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United fans have already known all along Bruno Fernandes is the main man at the club but a statistic has emerged to show just how true that statement is.

The Portuguese magician is one of the world-class talents currently at the club but it could be argued he is single-handedly the talisman.

Simply put, when Bruno plays well, United play well and when he doesn’t, the team suffers.

In fact, that became so apparent that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer signed Jadon Sancho this summer just to ease the burden on the former Sporting Lisbon man’s shoulders.

Bruno started the season with a hat-trick and it’s easy to see he’s ready to take over the Premier League.

The Peoples Person last covered Bruno news when he was busy telling everyone Paul Pogba can do even better despite grabbing four sensational assists vs Leeds United.

It’s remarkable the number of attacking metrics the 26-year-old excels in, to the extent it’s almost a problem.

After all, if Manchester United rely on him this much for every aspect of attacking play then that is cause for concern.

Nonetheless, given how consistent Bruno is and how he maintains a high level at all times, it’s something that should be praised rather than looked into too much.

The hope is the likes of the aforementioned Pogba and Sancho can knock him off his statistical throne to help create a more dynamic team.

Many fans compared Bruno to club legend Eric Cantona and although it’s a little premature, the similarities are there for all to see.

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