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Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester United shares jump up much to Glazers’ delight

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United have reportedly benefitted in more ways than one with Cristiano Ronaldo’s impending transfer from Juventus.

The sensational superstar secured a shock move recently, having initially looked as though he was heading to Manchester City.

There are many reports as to why that didn’t end up happening and it’s safe to say there was plenty of drama behind the scenes.

United fans couldn’t contain their excitement and there’s no doubt that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a big fan of Ronaldo.

Club owners the Glazers will be extremely happy with the reaction, particularly from a financial sense as they received the type of news they would have liked.

According to The Sun, the Red Devils’ purchase of Ronaldo saw the club’s stock market value shoot up by £212m, with share prices soaring by 9.8%, though it’s since fallen a little.

As positive as that has been, some context shows the overall negative as over a six-month period there has been a -3.18% drop.

Having said that, the year-to-date readings are better as it’s gone up by 11.05%, so it’s clear to see something has gone wrong from the latter half of the year.

The dip is suggestive of when the Glazers Out movement sparked off again, following the backlash of the European Super League debacle.

It appears to follow that timeline of events so the Glazers have finally had the type of reaction they would have liked.

Whether the trajectory will remain going upwards remains to be seen but all fans will truly care about is Ronaldo’s impact on the pitch.

It will be equally as interesting to see how Solskjaer plans on using him, especially with the depth of attacking talents at his disposal.

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