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Victor Lindelof: Manchester United star discusses summer signings

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Victor Lindelof has opened up on the competition he will face now that Raphael Varane is at the club.

The talented Swede was an undisputed starter last season, featuring alongside Harry Maguire in a partnership not many liked.

In fact, Lindelof was often seen as the weak link in the defence and it appears as though Ole Gunnar Solskjaer agrees.

The legendary Norwegian pounced on Varane once it was clear he was made available and Real Madrid fans were shocked to see him go.

The Red Devils now have a new partnership in defence and supporters hope it means plenty more clean-sheets.

According to FotbollDirekt, Lindelof said in regards to the new signings and the competition in the squad: “It’s great, I play in one of the world’s biggest clubs and they have very good players.

“We will have a competitive situation and I only see it as positive that we have got a good player in the squad.

“I have played a lot the last two years and last year I had big problems with my back and played with pain.

“My back feels good now, there will probably be no problems, but I do not think I will play 50, 60 matches.”

Speaking specifically about Ronaldo, Lindelof said: “Of course you feel it, it is clear there is a very good atmosphere in the club and everyone is looking forward to getting him into the team.

“It will be fun and I think he will add a lot. I think the squad looks very good.

“It feels good, we have a good atmosphere in the team and the Premier League is always a tough league, but we will do everything we can to win the title. That is the goal.”

Lindelof’s clearly approached the matter positively and it’s good to see he didn’t take the opportunity to rock the boat.

It will be interesting to see if he still feels that way six months down the line but having his presence will be good for the squad nonetheless.

Even though some don’t rate him, Lindelof is now Sweden’s captain so there’s obviously something there and he is a player that’s rarely unavailable for fixtures.

Whatever happens in the future, he’s proven more useful than many Manchester United players have in the post-Sir Alex Ferguson era.

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