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Cristiano Ronaldo smashes shirt sales record in 12 hours, generating £32.5 million

by Harry Henshaw

After smashing the record for most international goals with his 111th strike for Portugal, Ronaldo wasn’t finished breaking records.

In just 12 hours Manchester United sold over 400,000 Ronaldo seven shirts, raking in a cool £32.5 million and breaking the record for shirts sold.

Manchester City’s new signing Jack Grealish sold the second most shirts with Bruno Fernandes coming in third.

While United will only receive a small portion of this cash, rumoured to be between 7.5%-10%, this should still effectively pay the first instalment for the 36-year-old, thought to be £2.5 million.

United would need to sell an additional 12 million shirts to cover the full cost of Ronaldo’s transfer fee and wages, a feat that may be beyond even CR7.

Adidas have struggled to keep up with the demand, with most UK retailers selling out both online and in the shops.

However, one thing that may recoup a large chunk of money is the club’s huge increase in value on the stock exchange.

After the signing was confirmed share prices in the club rose by 9.8%, meaning United’s overall market value rose by £212 million.

While this has levelled out somewhat, the increase indicates the impact the signing of the Portuguese legend has on all areas of the club.

Ronaldo will make his second Old Trafford debut against Newcastle on Saturday in a 3PM kick off.

Both BT and Sky decided against requesting the game be moved so it could be televised, with fans not in attendance having to wait till 8:30pm when the full game will be shown on Sky Sports’ Game of Day show.

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