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Old Trafford gets Cristiano Ronaldo facelift ahead of Newcastle United match

by Sam Peoples

Old Trafford has been given a makeover to celebrate the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, Raphael Varane and Jadon Sancho at Manchester United.

Above the megastore on the East Stand, the huge banner has been updated to reflect Man United’s new summer signings and as you would expect Ronaldo is there front and centre.

Now, if United wouldn’t mind actually investing in refurbishing and updating Old Trafford rather than just giving us a new superficial banner then that would be ace. Not asking for much, just, you know, a genuinely modern stadium that befits one of the biggest clubs in the world. Over to you, Avram Glazer.

We at The Peoples Person have supported the boycott of United merchandise as part of our opposition to the Glazers’ ownership of our club but it didn’t stop thousands of others, with over £30m worth of Ronaldo shirts being sold in the first day alone – such is the clamour for Ronaldo being back at United.

On Saturday, we should see Ronaldo walk out at Old Trafford and I can’t wait for that moment to hear 75,000 fans chanting Viva Ronaldo before he bags a hat-trick. Am I dreaming? Probably, but Ronaldo is back at United so anything can happen, right?

Whatever happens this season, United are going to be a blockbuster watch and Ronaldo will take centre stage. He has built a career on shining in the spotlight and we’re all hoping that can start with a flourish on Saturday against Newcastle. Old Trafford looks ready, let’s hope Ronaldo can deliver.

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