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Wayne Rooney gives his honest thoughts on Manchester United signing Cristiano Ronaldo

by Raj Dholakia

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney has expressed his thoughts on the club signing Cristiano Ronaldo.

Rooney has claimed that the Portuguese could play ‘until he’s 40.’

“His ability is obviously one thing, but then he’s also looked after himself massively; you can see the shape he’s in, he’s still in great condition.”

“So it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s playing until he’s 40, like Giggsy did, and still scoring goals.”

Rooney mentioned how Ronaldo’s position and role in his team allowed him to have a long career.

“With Cristiano, it’s different. The likes of Cristiano and Lionel Messi — probably only those two really — only play in one half of the pitch.”

“It’s not box-to-box or high energy defending that uses your energy when you have the ball in one half of the pitch. It’s all about scoring goals.”

“I’ve said before, the rest of his teammates will have to work a little harder.” “But if it’s anything like the last time – towards the last two years of playing with him – the team allowed him to do that because he scores you goals and wins you games.”

United’s all-time top scorer, Rooney, moved to Everton in the summer of 2017 and is now the manager of Derby County.

Many believe that the Englishman peaked early during his time at United and, if managed better, could have had a longer career as a player.

Rooney also stated how Ronaldo has changed as a player over the years.

“I think he’s a completely different player to when he was the last time playing in the Premier League.”

“The last time he played here, he was more of a runner, a great dribbler, with pace and power. Whereas now he’s a goalscorer.”

“I think his game has adapted dramatically since he was last in the Premier League. “I don’t think the Premier League is as physical as it once was, but it’s still very demanding.”

United fans have poured in their love for the Portuguese. Ronaldo’s shirt sales have crossed £187 million, with the club already recouping the transfer fee paid to Juventus.

He is expected to make his second debut against Newcastle United tomorrow and the atmosphere at Old Trafford will indeed be electrifying.

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