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Edinson Cavani talks about his pride in representing Manchester United

by Scott Eckersley
Edinson Cavani

Manchester United star Edinson Cavani has lifted the lid on his toughest opponent, favourite United moment and more as part of a fan-led Q&A.

Cavani starts by explaining his famous ‘archer’ goal celebration to the official United site, which he reveals is a personal tribute to the native history of Uruguay.

Although he admits to having played against a lot of tough opponents, he reserves a special mention for Juventus stalwart Giorgio Chiellini.

“I’ve always said, and for a long time now, that the most difficult defender I’ve come up against was Giorgio Chiellini.

“We’ve played against each other in many games, and we’ve competed against each other all over the pitch, so yes I can tell you that Giorgio Chiellini has been the toughest defender I’ve had to face.”

On his favourite moment in a United shirt, the 34-year-old says, “I think that simply putting on this club’s shirt means an awful lot. It fills you with pride every day and makes you proud every game you play. You feel happy at being able to be part of this club.”

Despite being on the losing side in last season’s Europa League Final, Cavani still took comfort from sporting the famous red shirt, saying, “It didn’t turn out to be the best occasion for us but, they are still moments you get to experience. But the biggest source of pride and happiness for me is having the chance to be a part of this club.”

One of the hallmarks of the Uruguayan’s game is his unerring ability to sniff out chances. It’s a skill he advises any budding striker to develop if they want to reach his stellar heights.

“Good anticipation is a real positive,” he says, “…you need to remain focused and concentrate hard, trying to picture what is about to happen so you can…be there a second or even a millisecond ahead of your direct opponent.

“This will help you and enable you to…find the space in which you can score a goal.”

Finally, Cavani discusses which former United great he would most love to play alongside for a full season. And the answer is sure to please older Reds’ fans.

“I reckon that Cantona would be a player with whom I would have liked to share the pitch here! That is because of his character and for the way he lived out his football. And as I said, for his personality out there on the pitch.”

United fans of a certain vintage would be forgiven for nodding in blissful agreement at the prospect of Eric Cantona and Edi Cavani leading the line in a union of outstanding number sevens.

Two fan favourites, both absolute winners and both blessed with the kind of skill, strength and charisma that creates an instant cult following. Simply put, it’s a match made in red heaven.”

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