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Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo forced to move house over sleep problems

by Scott Eckersley

Manchester United fans could be forgiven for having had sleepless nights since watching the Reds slump to defeat in their Champions League tie against Young Boys this week.

And, if a report in The Sun is to be believed, their nocturnal struggles have been shared by star man Cristiano Ronaldo, albeit for slightly different reasons.

The Sun reports that Ronaldo has been forced to move house just two weeks after his high-profile transfer because his sleep was being interrupted by the nearby sounds of sheep.

The 36-year-old is said to have downsized from a £6m property to a £3m one owned by a former United star to ensure that his sleeping patterns remain unaffected by the bleating of livestock.

A source is said to have told the publication that, “While the property is beautiful…it was also close to sheep, which are very noisy early in the morning…

“Ronaldo is a true pro who places a lot on rest and recovery after games, so it was decided it was best if he and his family moved.”

Elsewhere, the article skirts over security fears being a factor which, with a family man of Ronaldo’s stature, would seem to be the likeliest cause of the move.

The attacker’s dedication to peak performance is legendary, so while it’s not completely ridiculous to think that lack of sleep might be considered a problem, the circumstances sound a bit…woolly.

Possible off-field distractions don’t seem to have affected the Portuguese superstar’s performances – he’s already notched three goals from his first two games.

Finally, it remains to be seen whether Ole Gunnar Solskjaer expands upon the story while addressing the flock at his next press conference.

If he does, it’ll probably end up in the embaargoed section.

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