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Wayne Rooney: Everton cornered me in move to Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United great Wayne Rooney has revealed how his famous transfer from Everton happened, letting fans know just what happened behind the scenes.

The Derby manager is United’s current goalscoring record holder and England’s as well, so it’s safe to say he’s had a successful career.

Rooney played in many different roles during his time in Manchester and despite his valuable versatility being taken full advantage of, he still managed to write himself into the record books.

The former attacker’s career may have tailed off towards the end, having left the Red Devils to rejoin Everton before moving to DC United and subsequently transferring to Derby.

However, he’s a legend of the game and now attempts to create a new legacy as a manager, with some arguing he has one of the toughest jobs in England.

According to Royal Blue Mersey, Rooney said: “Before Euro 2004, I knew that I was getting touted to other teams – because Everton needed the money. Certain individuals were going into other clubs saying ‘would you take Wayne Rooney for £30m?’

“I was heartbroken, I loved the club and wanted to play for Everton.

“To find that out, I was devastated. I would have left at some point, of course I would’ve, to try and better myself and go and win trophies. But I was devastated.

“I went to Barbados after Euro 2004, I’d broken my foot obviously. I came back to Bellefield and was ready to go out and start running, and step up my training from a broken foot. I remember getting told you can’t do that because if your foot breaks down we won’t be able to sell you.

“I was getting pushed to go and play for Chelsea because they offered the most money, but I said ‘you’re not dictating where I go – I want to go to Manchester United’.

“It was lost money for Everton, but that’s where I wanted to play. I didn’t want to go to London, I didn’t want to go to Chelsea. But I got told the only way you’re going to Man Utd is if you put a transfer request in.

“This was in Moyesy’s office. So I went into the canteen and wrote ‘I Wayne Rooney request a transfer from Everton Football Club’ on a napkin, or something! Walked back into Moyesy’s office and said ‘there you go’.

“I felt I got backed into a corner to a certain extent, but that’s football.”

Many have felt if Rooney had taken care of himself physically and perhaps not been used as often as he was as a young teenager then perhaps his career would have been longer.

The argument is that he peaked early and so declined early as well and there is a case to be made on that front.

After all, Rooney is a year younger than Cristiano Ronaldo and the latter enjoyed a greater spell of personal form and success at Real Madrid and subsequently Juventus.

The Portuguese superstar is now back at United and looks raring to go and lead his former side to glory.

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