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Man United fans enraged at photo of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer smiling

by Red Billy

A manager should not be smiling on the touchline after his team have dropped two vital home points, most fans agree in regard to Manchester United’s Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

A still frame of the boss with a grin on his face has gone viral after the disappointing 1-1- draw with Everton yesterday and it has enraged fans on social media.

Comments included:

‘I just saw the Chelsea game, Tuchel was furious at touchline when they were 1-1 … remember the Sir Alex days ,or even Van Gaal or Mourinho they were red when this was happening. This shows he isn’t serious … Ronaldo and Bruno’s reactions show that they want to win, but this guy nooo.’

‘This is most disappointing and shameful moment yesterday. How can a home team manager smile when your team drawing at home? No passion, no anger, no determination, no motivation..bloody hell !!!’

‘And he really has the guts to talk about the club’s DNA while giggling and being happy a draw at home!’

‘Love Ole, built a great team at United, finished 2nd last year and got to Europa final. Cannot stand the smiling. Surely he has enough emotional intelligence to know why this is unacceptable.’

‘Ole’s smiling because he was 100% sure that the board won’t sack him and he will be our manager next season too.’

‘Ferguson never smiled for a draw, Ole is happy once they don’t lose, this mentality is showing on the pitch with tactics and his player choice.’

Some fans however felt that too much was made of the image:

‘It’s in his nature to smile, not like he is happy with the draw. Are you guys expecting him to start crying so you know it hurts him?

‘A picture can’t tell a whole story. Maybe it is a nervous smile. Maybe an incident occurred that made him smile.’

‘There is nothing wrong with his smile, what we need from him is get job done, there are those who smile to get courage, they smile but inside they are burning’.

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