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Does Cristiano Ronaldo’s media blackout spell trouble for Manchester United?

by Scott Eckersley

Just seven games into the Premier League season and the media already appears to be sharpening its knives for Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Solskjaer was already under pressure after last week’s home loss to Aston Villa. That pressure has increased twofold since Saturday’s drab draw with Everton.

While there are plenty of valid criticisms being thrown at the Norwegian, United fans might currently be struggling to differentiate between enemies real and imagined.

In that vein, today’s The Daily Mirror has covered Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘fury’ over only making the subs bench against Rafa Benitez’s side.

It is said that “Cristiano Ronaldo was livid after he was informed he would not be starting for Manchester United against Everton.”

Ronaldo’s omission is said to have left United legend Rio Ferdinand baffled. And, apparently, Ferdinand isn’t alone in his bafflement.

The article continues, “Among the biggest critics of the decision was Ronaldo himself, who was left furious at being named on the bench rather than the starting XI.”

The 36-year-old’s discontent shows no signs of abating, as it’s also claimed that “…he is yet to come to terms with his starting XI snub.”

If that gives the impression of brooding clouds gathering on the horizon, the substance behind the claim might put some minds at rest.

The evidence presented to corroborate Ronaldo’s simmering fury is simply a lack of post-match social media activity.

“After each of the previous games he featured in, Ronaldo shared a message for fans.

‘Ronaldo’s most recent Instagram posts have been to showcase his CR7 brand of sunglasses and perfume.

“Supporters looking for a stirring message…have been left disappointed.”

The absence of an encouraging tweet leads the article to conclude that, “Solskjaer may need to heed Gary Neville’s advice and smooth things over with the striker.”

All things considered, this story might be the biggest reach since Inspector Gadget left his house keys back at the office.

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