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Paul Pogba wants to sign new Manchester United contract and stay report L’Equipe

by Sam Peoples

Paul Pogba wants to sign a new Manchester United contract and commit his future to the club, breaking news from L’Equipe reported on Wednesday night.

Pogba and Man United’s contract talks have been ongoing for a long time dating back into 2020 but until this stage there has been nothing to suggest any sort of real movement, until now.

No doubt this will split opinion but I think it is fantastic news for United if Pogba commits his long term future to the club.

It’s without question that a happy Pogba on form is one of the most gifted central midfielders in world football and if United’s ambition is truly to win the Premier League and Champions League, you don’t let your premier players like Pogba go.

Simple, so keeping him would mark a real sign of intent.

Now, so many will say that Pogba isn’t worth the money or the circus.

Hell, I did a video in November 2020 saying that Pogba should be sold. I’ve changed my mind.

The problem isn’t the player, the problem is the imbalanced system he is playing in. Sometimes Pogba plays on the left – Leeds, 4 assists – and sometimes he’s played on the right of a double pivot.

The chop and the change, the nuance differences in playing style, it has all contributed to a disjointed Pogba at United, one that seemingly doesn’t look as happy or comfortable as the Pogba that plays for France.

Keeping Pogba, that’s a good thing for United.

If we can bury the circus sideshow of his contract and let him focus on his football, and get a system that maximises his qualities, then United are in for a real treat in the next few seasons. That is a guarantee.

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