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Danny Blind: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has no identity with Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been savagely attacked by Holland’s assistant coach Danny Blind, confirming he agrees with what some fans have been saying.

According to The Mirror, Blind said: “What is the identity of this Manchester United team? What is his plan?

“It is exactly that what is missing with Solskjaer. There is not a tactical plan. His team are not able to put pressure on their opponents like Manchester City.

“It does not always have to be full pressing but we don’t see any of it – everything in the United team is based on the individual qualities of players.

“They have those qualities and it often gets a result for the team. But it is never a team result. It has not been looking good in a number of matches.

“United struggle to be ­dominant – that is the whole problem. After they took the lead against Everton they started to wait for them in their own half.

“They want to score on the counter. But that is not good enough for a club like ­Manchester United.

“The next thing that you see is how they struggle to turn the game around when ­Everton equalised. They hardly created any chances.

“The results are not good. He lost against Young Boys, against West Ham in the cup, against Aston Villa and they were lucky against Villarreal because of Ronaldo’s quality.

“Against Everton, ­another draw. And they only just got away with that result.

‘It has to improve and it can improve. We cannot say that Solskjaer has had a long career at top level as a manager before United.

“Yes, he was a champion in Norway. But that is a ­different level. I know why he gets more time than other coaches, he is a child of the club.

“He scored that legendary goal in 1999 which helped them win the Champions League. But all that is not enough for what is being produced right now.”

The Peoples Person also previously covered Blind’s previous comments on how Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival has caused confusion among the squad.

Some supporters feel Solskjaer doesn’t actually employ any tactics in his squad as there is no obvious style of play as such.

Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur all, to an extent, have discernable patterns of play; whether or not it helps them defeat their opponents is a different matter.

In the early stages of Solskjaer’s reign, many could see Manchester United had become a counter-attacking team but since then it could be argued that’s no longer necessarily the case.

Opponents started to be smarter against United, becoming wary of being hit on the break and choosing to play in deep defensive blocks to frustrate United instead.

The logic was that the Red Devils didn’t have enough about them to break down their opponents and so could be counter-attacked themselves when they overcommit.

Solskjaer has huge problems that need to be solved but it could be argued it’s part and parcel of having signed numerous new players and beginning a new tactical era.

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