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Marcus Rashford interview: Manchester United striker admits he is in a ‘much better’ physical and mental state

by Raj Dholakia

Marcus Rashford is set to return to Manchester United’s team after being sidelined since the start of the season due to surgery.

He successfully underwent shoulder surgery to finally resolve an ongoing issue, which kept him from playing at hundred per cent for the latter part of last season.

In a recent interview with the BBC,  Rashford opened up on his recovery process and current mental state.

“My recovery is – I wouldn’t say coming to an end because obviously I have to keep looking after it – but I’m in a much better place physically and mentally.”

“Last year was a very long season for me, I got this injury at the end of September, and gradually it got that little bit worse, but now I’m fully free of that. I feel much better physically and mentally.”

Last week, Rashford was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Manchester for his work to tackle child poverty.

The 23 year old has drawn praise from many for his selfless acts to provide food for underprivileged children.

He also spoke about the endless support after missing one of the penalty kicks in the Euro 2020 final.

Rashford was subject to vile racial abuse following England’s defeat. His mural, too, was vandalized and he was even targeted on social media platforms.

However, many showed their support for the 23 year old, showering him with positive messages.

Rashford mentioned: “It’s hard to describe the feeling it gives you, but one thing I’ve always said is that I want to see people act as one in communities and environments, and that was one big highlight for me.”

“It was a time everyone came together, and whatever they thought was the right thing to do, they just did it, and it was a special moment.”

United fans will be excited to see Rashford playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. The Englishman has often been likened to Ronaldo in his shooting and dribbling style.

Rashford stated: “That’s a great feeling for me, as a player, but also as a fan of the club as well.”

“It’s always nice when a club legend finds a way back to the club. To be playing with him back at Old Trafford is a terrific feeling and hopefully gives us a push to start winning more trophies.”

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