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Paul Parker: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs Rene Meulensteen at Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United man Paul Parker has pleaded with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to consider bringing back Rene Meulensteen to the club.

Some fans have complained that the current crop of coaches aren’t doing enough to extract the most out of the talented group of players at Carrington.

According to Talk Of The Devils, Parker said: “There’s nothing wrong with blowing a bit of dust off a book and reading it.

“At the end of the day it was the same when it was brand new as it is now, it’s just matured a bit. And someone like Rene wouldn’t have changed.

“There’d be more positives to gain, he knows everything about the club, everything about the football they want to play.

“Whenever you listen to him speak people want to talk to him about United and you can see that it is still within him. It’s part of his DNA. I see nothing wrong with him coming back.

“The boss, Sir Alex, would do things differently too. He’d bring in people – like Rene – who had different ideas and who were strong enough to question the things he was doing.

“He [Solskjaer] wouldn’t be putting himself under pressure by bringing him [Rene] in, because he wouldn’t want his job in a million years, but you’d be bringing in someone to improve the team.”

The core of Solskjaer’s coaching staff is the trio of Michael Carrick, Kieran McKenna, and Mike Phelan, with Darren Fletcher often seen on the training ground despite being the technical director.

Manchester United’s woes in the past were often put down to the lack of quality players or to Solskjaer’s poor decision-making.

However, lately there are some fans who feel the legendary Norwegian is actually being let down by his coaches and that the fault lays there due to the squad looking much healthier now.

If United have quality players and a manager who’s made good decisions so far then surely the mistake is with the coaches, or at least that’s the argument being made.

Solskjaer isn’t a coach himself and instead delegates training sessions to his coaches in a much similar manner to how Sir Alex Ferguson used to.

It’s possible the coaching staff could do with some experience given how Carrick and McKenna, as good as they have been said to be, are still in the relatively early stages of their respective careers.

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