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Manchester United board member accused of ‘physical aggression’ after sacking by the ICC

by Raj Dholakia

Manchester United board member Manu Sawhney has been accused of being a ‘narcissistic bully’ after being sacked by the International Cricket Council.

Sawhney, who has been a part of the United board for the past decade, was axed from his position as chief executive of the ICC this summer.

A cultural review mentioned him bullying colleagues and exhibiting acts of physical aggression, claim The Telegraph.

They go on to mention: “They accused him of having left staff in tears and needing therapy amid on-going mental health problems triggered by his behaviour, with one branding him ‘a complete narcissistic bully’.

“They also said he was unfit to be in a senior role anywhere, including on the board of United, who they said had a duty to their staff and shareholders to get to the bottom of the accusations against him.”

Man Utd refused to comment on the above situation when questioned by The Telegraph.

More than four years after his exit as chief executive of Singapore Sports Hub, Sawhney’s biography on United’s official website still mention it as his current job.

“These allegations are not a true reflection of me or my time at the ICC,” Sawhney said.

“I am saddened that a small number within the organisation continues to make these false claims following my departure.

“Neither these nor any other concerns regarding my conduct were raised with me during my time at the ICC and once I was made aware of them.

“I immediately called for an independent investigation into the allegations.

“The ICC denied this request which I believe reflected their unwillingness to verify the allegations and their agenda to remove me from my role.”

With the Glazers and Ed Woodward refusing to answer any questions regarding Sawhney’s sacking, the story does not place the club in good light.

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