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Fabrizio Romano tells Rio Ferdinand what Paul Pogba’s situation looks like

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United great Rio Ferdinand has been busy discussing Paul Pogba’s future with transfer guru Fabrizio Romano and there is very much a ‘good news, bad news’ type of situation developing.

The French superstar’s contract runs out next summer and fans have been concerned over whether or not he’s staying beyond the season.

In the short video above, Ferdinand is told by Romano that there are two parts to Pogba’s situation and fans might not necessarily like what was said.

The respected journalist claims the former Juventus man is happy with United and the players they’ve invested in and truly means it when he says he wants to see out the season.

Pogba is also said to be pleased with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the atmosphere at the club but unfortunately that doesn’t guarantee him staying.

It’s understood he’s had a contract offer on the table since early July and hasn’t made a decision on it so far, much to the displeasure of Manchester United’s fans.

Romano points out there’s a difference between Pogba’s personal feelings on the club or its atmosphere and his need to make a professional decision.

If fans were to make an assumption, it seems the world-class midfielder is taking his time to decide on arguably the last major contract of his career.

It appears Pogba is waiting to see whether the atmosphere at the club and the signings made will lead to trophies or if Solskjaer and co will fall short of the success he desires.

Of course he will also be keeping an eye on the clubs that are interested in him and how they’re doing in order to weigh up his options properly.

Nonetheless, Solskjaer will need to know what’s going on soon and it might be time to set an ultimatum, in order to plan the club’s future.

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