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Marcus Rashford: Manchester United star’s camp unhappy with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

by Marwan Harraz
Marcus Rashford

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford‘s closest people reportedly are unhappy with some of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s recent comments, piling the pressure even more on the manager.

The legendary Norwegian is in the limelight of late due to a string of poor results and so a disruptive dressing room is the last thing he wants.

According to The Athletic, although United feel Solskjaer’s comments were misinterpreted, Rashford’s camp were upset with the under-fire manager’s comments, regardless of what his intentions were.

Those close to the sensational Englishman are said to believe he has done nothing but focus on his professional career, having sacrificed his body last season and returned from injury ahead of schedule this season.

The Athletic also covered Solskjaer’s comments that upset Rashford’s camp when he said: “He is coming into the best age for a footballer and he’s got a challenge on his hands here at Manchester United — and has a challenge on his hands to play for England.

“Marcus has done some remarkable and fantastic things, but now he maybe needs to prioritise his football.

“Marcus knows that we want a lot from him, but we are going to give him the time to get back to what he was and what he can be.”

Solskjaer was believed to be praising Rashford and naturally meant no harm but his comments still made headlines as some used it as an opportunity to tell the player to ‘get back to playing football’.

Athletes tend to get told to keep quiet and focus on their careers rather than get involved in politics or anything of the sort.

Rashford’s campaign to ensure Britain’s most vulnerable children had food on their plates saw him enter into new territory and receive inconceivable criticism from certain parties.

Nonetheless, it’s understandable his camp are upset but perhaps it was a matter better resolved behind closed doors as Solskjaer has done nothing but praise the former academy graduate since joining the club and has often protected him from the public eye.

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