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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer deserves more respect from Manchester United fans

by Sam Peoples

A lot can change in five weeks can’t it?

Manchester United had just beaten Newcastle 4-1 at Old Trafford with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring two goal on his return to the club after 12 years. Old Trafford hadn’t bounced like it did that day for years.

Yet, here we are walking into a week with must win games against Atalanta and Liverpool following a 4-2 humiliation against Leicester City wondering whether Ole Gunnar Solskjaer truly has a future at the club anymore.

Honestly, it’s tough for me this.

To witness this swing, to see the toxicity towards Solskjaer on social media, to see the way some United fans are describing him, forgetting what he’s done for the club, forgetting how he’s orchestrated this rebuild over the last few years, it’s short-termism in its worst form but that’s modern day football for you I suppose.

Solskjaer nearly has 100 Premier League goals for United. He scored 126 goals in 366 appearances spanning over a decade at the club yet @MartialMadness on Twitter will be telling me the only thing he ever did was score the winner in the UEFA Champions League final in 1999.

Hell, even if he did, he’d still be a club legend but so many overlooking his stellar career and how important he was for United, it’s painful to watch.

At this stage, I’m not sure there is a point of return for Ole.

I’d love nothing more than to be proven wrong but I saw his post-match Leicester comments as him beginning to raise the white flag when he admitted he didn’t know what to do.

Things can change of course, just look at the momentum shift in the last five weeks, but I just don’t think it is possible now.

I don’t know what is next for United, for Solskjaer, what’s going to happen, but one thing will never falter for me – he truly is a club legend.

The word is thrown about plenty in the modern era but with Solskjaer, he’s at the top table as far as I’m concerned and anybody else arguing otherwise simply didn’t grow up through the 10 years he gave everything to United.

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