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Manchester United looking into redeveloping the club’s iconic Old Trafford stadium

by Harry Henshaw

Manchester United are in the early stages of redeveloping Old Trafford and are on the search for a master architect to complete the job.

The 76,000-seater stadium has been left to rot in recent years with controlling shareholders, the Glazer family, coming under fire for their lack of investment.

Despite being the largest stadium in the country, in the last 11 years Old Trafford has only seen £118 million worth of development, while City (£374M), Liverpool (£278M) and Tottenham (£1.4bn) have all spent significantly more.

The club spent £20M on the ground and training facilities this summer although much of this was due to new Covid regulations.

The current development plans centre around the ageing South stand, which is adjacent to the nearby railway line.

This obviously offers issues in terms of expansion as there is restricted space to work with in that area of the ground.

The club have an appointment to work on Carrington in the near future and it is then thought the stadium is the next priority.

At the fan’s forum in April, when asked about stadium improvements in the future United’s Chief Operating Officer Collette Roche said:

“Since 2005, over £100m has been invested in the stadium, including the £20m investment last season. We’re looking at an investment plan while maintaining what makes Old Trafford special.”

“Part of the allure of Old Trafford is the fact that it’s a stadium that was built in 1910. Our vision is to rejuvenate the stadium but keep it feeling like it is Old Trafford. That’s the perfect solution for us.”

“There are no plans currently to increase capacity significantly, but we would not rule it out completely in long-term. There are ongoing work streams to review opportunities to slightly increase the capacity in a number of locations; however, this work is on hold until we can access the stadium properly again.”

It will be interesting to watch these plans develop over the next few months/years, as the iconic Old Trafford deserves to be returned to the top of the English game.

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