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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s support inside Manchester United remains unchanged

by Sam Peoples

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s position as Manchester United’s manager remains completely solid, if reports from the club are to be believed.

Andy Mitten, Gary Neville, Laurie Whitwhell, James Ducker, Paul Hirst – all the big-hitters in the world of journalism have been told the same thing from inside Man United. Solskjaer is not at threat of being sacked.

Now, for so many United fans, this simply isn’t good enough but however much they froth at the mouth for Ole to be sacked, it just isn’t going to happen right now.

The reason for that is Solskjaer has earned enough credit with the rebuild work he has done over the last three years to be in this position without threat at the moment, whether fans like it or not.

A lot of the work Ole has done we will never see, the inner workings of the club, the subtle changes to the internal culture.

There’s no doubt the football is abysmal right now and that’s the most important thing but clearly there’s more than meets the eye to what Ole has worked on since replacing Jose Mourinho.

And for a lot of fans, Neville’s position of not publicly throwing Solskjaer under the bus is undermining his position as a pundit. Take what he said on Monday Night Football on Sky Sports.

I mean, you can’t seriously be surprised by it can you? That Neville is not throwing a friend under the bus?

It’s a tough position for him to be in and he’s sitting firmly on that fence. I’d expect nothing less, even if I wanted a bit more impartiality.

United’s fanbase is very split right now and usually at this point the beginning of the end is nigh for the manager but everything we’re reading and hearing about Ole suggests that isn’t the case.

However, I refuse to believe his position remains 100% secure if United come out of the Atalanta and Liverpool games with the wrong results and performances.

Football is a results driven business of course but with the stage United fans are at, performances for Solskjaer will be just as important. Ole has a tough job on his hands, even if those who hold the gun inside United aren’t yet pointing it at him.

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