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Rio Ferdinand: I wouldn’t be happy with Paul Pogba’s comments

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United great Rio Ferdinand has admitted he would not be happy with some of the comments Paul Pogba made following the embarrassing loss to Leicester City.

The sensational Frenchman insisted something needs to change, which some fans took to mean he’s hinting Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should leave.

According to the Daily Mail, Ferdinand said: “It doesn’t sit well with me when I see that.

“I’ll be honest if I was in a changing room and a team-mate said [that] I wouldn’t be happy.

“I’d be straight in asking him what he meant, what does this mean? Unless I actually agreed with him… but I just think Pogba is an honest guy, that’s what I like about him.

“He’s very passionate, he wants to win. That says to me that there’s a frustration, an underlying frustration within the camp there. He’s not hiding it, he can’t hide it.

“Normally you get bog standard answers [in post-match interviews] but there he said a few things that pose questions.”

As Ferdinand says, Pogba was just being honest and the quote was taken out of context, as evidenced by the rest of his comments.

If anything, the former Juventus man was just as critical of himself and his teammates, questioning whether or not their mentality was right before the clash.

Pogba was referring to the poor start to the season United have made and was just saying he hopes things can change fast.

Unfortunately, a lot of what the former academy graduate says is taken with a pinch of salt simply because of the number of times he or his agent said the wrong thing at the wrong time in the past.

Nonetheless, Pogba was only echoing what Solskjaer himself would later say, as he admitted he’s unsure of what needs changing.

Fans were massively discouraged by the legendary Norwegian’s words and were hoping for a promise of action rather than a shrug.

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