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Bruno Fernandes says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must improve

by Red Billy

Bruno Fernandes’ comments in the Atalanta post-match interview included an admission that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to improve as a manager.

In the interview, broadcast on TNT Sports Brazil and in Portuguese, Fernandes was honest about Manchester United’s current situation and what the expectations are for himself, the team as a whole and the manager.

‘Technically it might not have been the best game. Tactically it was not our best game,’ he said.

‘We made mistakes and we have to improve. Just because we’ve won all is not right but by the same token, when we lost the other day against Leicester, all was not bad.

‘We have to bring out the good things we did and correct all the bad ones.

‘Personally, I could have created more because normally this is the link between midfield and attack.’

When asked if the team is behind the manager, Fernandes replied:

‘Of course, obviously, he is our coach. We follow him every day. We show that. We follow his ideas and we will continue to do so.

‘We believe in our coach and our staff. We need to do what the coach tells us because our coach is the maximum exponent of what we must respect. He has been here for three years and we’ve done good things. It’s true that we haven’t won anything up to now, but the team has shown it has grown a lot.

‘We have a lot to improve on and the coach himself also knows there has to be some improvement at his end but that is part of football.’

The comments are, on the surface of it, supportive of Solskjaer but there is a sprinkling of criticism in there that may betray some concerns.

Fernandes is the second player who has questioned the tactics in a post-match interview this week, following Paul Pogba’s comments after the Leicester City match.

It is also highly unusual for a player to say that a manager ‘knows there has to be some improvement at his end,’ even when that statement is cushioned by supportive words.

Whilst there seems to be a general appreciation of, and continuing desire to work with Solskjaer, Fernandes’s comments also suggest that there needs to be improvement from the manager if United are to be successful this season.

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